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Artwork Imprint •

Specifications & Policy

Artwork Specifications

Failure to meet these listed guidelines may result in delays and/or additional

costs to your order.

Acceptable Artwork & File Media

• Most preferred file format is vector art (.ai or .eps)

• Color printout along with black & white separations (digital file preferred)

• .ai, .eps, .jpeg, .png

• All artwork should be 600 pixels/inch or higher and at least 4” x 4”

• Laser prints, 600 dpi or higher, on glossy paper



Unacceptable Artwork

• Faxes or copies of faxes

• Newspapers or phone book ads

• Items which have been stamped (foil seals, actual products)

• Halftone screens

• .jpeg files made for web pages

• Excel or Word files with art placed inside

• .gif files

Electronic Artwork


• Label disc with Company Name and PO Number

Acceptable Software

• QuarkXpress version 7.5 and prior (Mac and PC)

-Collect all files for output, including fonts. Please note:

We cannot use PC fonts.

• Adobe Illustrator


CS5 version 15.0.2 and prior

-.eps, .ai, or .pdf format

-Outline ALL fonts

• Adobe Photoshop


CS5 version 12.0.2 and prior (Mac and PC)

-.tif format with minimum resolution of 600 pixels/inch and at least 4” x 4”

for best quality.

Imprint Policy

Minimum Order

See your local sales representative for minimum order quantities.

Die Charge

$30.00 die charge per imprint to match specific logo, per SKU. Repeat pattern

requires two dies ($60.00). 

Licensed Schools

Please call ACCO Brands for current status of licensing agreement. Production will

be scheduled upon receipt of final design approval from licensor. Any royalty fees

will be added to the net price of the imprinted item. No administrative fees.

Imprint Methods

All book cover and headband imprints hot stamped in foil (available in many

colors). Silk screening not available. For AY10, imprint is printed over calendar


Imprint Colors

Standard ACCO Brands colors only; no custom PMS colors on foil stamps. Imprint

colors available now: White, Silver, Gold, Royal Blue, Red, Pink, and Purple. For

AY10 Filler Imprint, specify PMS color on order.

Standard Imprint Area

The standard imprint area is outside front cover, centered at the bottom of the

book, unless otherwise specified. Desk pad standard imprint area is centered on

the headband. AY10 Filler Imprint area is screened in the center of page. AY41

Cover Imprint repeats design across entire front cover (4 7/8” x 8”).

Standard Headings

All DayMinder


brand items will be supplied with standard headings, unless

otherwise specified in writing on purchase order. Repeat design will not include

standard heading, unless specified on purchase order.

Imprint Artwork

Camera-ready artwork must be supplied with the order. See Artwork

Specifications. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in delays or additional

cost to your order.

Imprint Deadline

Orders for imprinted merchandise must be placed by

May 15

to ensure delivery

prior to the back-to-school season.

Colors available for Imprinted Products


Vinyl headband and corners:

Black (00)



Black (00)

AY2P, AY41

Simulated Leather:

Black (00)

Green (03)*

Red (13)

Burgundy (14)

Cherry (18)

Blue (17)

Light Purple (26)

Pink (27)

Light Green (29)

Silver (30)

Orange (34)

Graphite (47)

Desert Blue (62)

*AY41 only.

Customize with Imprints to Build Success!

Make a plan to imprint your school name and logo where it will be noticed every day throughout the year!

Compared to other media, imprinting positions your school logo more effectively and efficiently with your

target market. For fun, for motivation, for personal flair—highlight your name and logo on everyone’s

schedule 365 days a year.

Contact your sales representative for more information or to obtain samples (in specific cover material and imprint color).

Custom inserts are available in addition to your imprint. All imprinted orders can be drop shipped at no additional charge.