Kensington quality cannot be compromised.

Other vendors provide security products. Kensington goes a step further - providing simple, holistic security solutions consistently at the forefront of quality, innovation and convenience. Simply put, Kensington products cannot be beat - by criminals or the competition.

The Inventor of the laptop lock

The Inventor of the laptop lock over 25 years ago

Number 1 brand in laptop locks

Number 1 brand in laptop locks

Compatible with 90% of business laptops, desktops etc.

Compatible with 90% of business devices

Kensington Security locks down more than your laptop

No amount of cyber security can stop devices - and the data inside them - from being stolen.

39% of data breaches caused by lost or stolen device

85% reduction in laptop theft with well-implemented physical security

$4M lost on average due to data breach

But something as simple as a trusted physical security solution can safeguard network endpoints to keep intruders out. Quality locks not only discourage attempts, but also provide lasting peace of mind by preventing device loss that can cost a company thousands or even millions.

The Kensington Advantage

Custom Keying Solutions

Kensington recognizes that most businesses operate differently and offers custom solutions that allow users to select the ideal level of IT control over their equipment, while helping employees safeguard against theft and avoid downtime due to misplaced keys.

Master Keyed Locks Illustration

Master Keyed Locks

Admin access with user keys

On-site IT control with individual user keys

Healthcare, education, corporate and government offices

Ideal for:
Upgrades, relocation, replacement or misplaced/lost keys

Supervisor Keyed Locks Illustration

Supervisor Keyed Locks

Admin-only access

Strictest IT control for administrator-only access

Healthcare, education

Ideal for:
Locking down crucial infrastructure like desktops, monitors, printers, servers and network equipment ensuring access is as limited as possible

Liked Keyed Locks Illustration

Liked Keyed Locks

Each key opens every lock

Sharing control with every key opening each lock

Police departments, libraries

Ideal for:
Specialized environments where employees can check out laptops, tablets, projectors and other shared hardware

Master Access Locks On Demand

The protection of Master Keyed Locks with the convenience of online ordering and fast delivery.

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Register & Retrieve™

Register & Retrieve™

Register and Retrieve™ Lock Management Portal

Kensington's online web portal makes lock management simpler and safer for IT managers and users, offering individual accounts and instant access to support services.

IT Benefits
  • Register locks individually or to groups
  • Manage Master Keyed, Like Keyed or Shared Keyed programs
  • Create user accounts where users can order replacement keys and save combination codes
  • Record lock ownership and download reports
  • Find owners of lost keys
  • Reassign locks to new user
User Benefits
  • Order replacement keys
  • Retrieve stored combination codes

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