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   Got it. Premium Plus A-Boards       Easy use Opens at the front so insert can easily be changed. Stability Aluminium frame and stability bar to withstand heavy use. Nobo Premium Plus A-Board Sign Holder with Snap Frame Free-standing A-board pavement sign with a double-sided sign holder display for the secure presentation of posters, signs and information. Allows quick and easy content change.  Item Code Description Size 1902204  A-Board Sign Holder  A0  1902206 A-Board Sign Holder A1  1902207  A-Board Sign Holder  A2  1902205  A-Board Sign Holder  700x1000mm  1902377   A-Board Header Panel   A1      A1 Nobo Premium Plus Replacement Covers Replacement cover and blackboard insert. Suitable for snap frames and A-boards.  Item Code Description Size 1902373  Replacement Cover  A0  1902374 Replacement Cover A1  1902375  Replacement Cover  A2  1904077  Replacement Cover  700X1000mm  1904078   Replacement Cover   500x700mm  1902436  Blackboard Insert  A1   72 

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