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          Leitz Ergo WOW Adjustable Keyboard Wrist Rest The ideal computer wrist support for the ergonomically focused workstation keeping wrist postures as straight as possible to support health and comfort while maintaining high levels of performance. Code 652300- TURN OVER - CHOOSE FROM TWO HEIGHTS Leitz Ergo WOW Mouse Pad with Adjustable Wrist Rest Adjustable ergonomic Wrist Rest allows you to easily adjust the height of the wrist rest for your individualised comfort whilst the mouse mat offers best-in-class tracking for optical and laser mice. Code 651700- TURN OVER - CHOOSE FROM TWO HEIGHTS Leitz Ergo WOW Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Foot Rest Combines the ergonomic benefits of a tilt and height adjustable foot rest with the added advantages of a wide platform and anti-slip surface. The WOW office footrest promotes healthy circulation and supports back and leg comfort while increasing productivity. THE CORRECT WAY TO REST YOUR WRISTS! Place your palm on the rest while suspending your wrist in the air, maximising circulation and comfort and to keep your elbows aligned with your chest - vital for correct posture and to keep your energy flowing.        Code 65030095* *) only in Black -95 KEEP YOUR BODY MOVING To sustain productivity, refresh your working position every thirty minutes our Foot Rest, with its wide platform and anti-slip surface, supports your back and legs when changing position for optimal circulation and for general well-being.     TURN OVER - CHOOSE FROM TWO HEIGHTS 29 

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